The Story of Eris and the Golden Apple of Discord
Eris was furious when she discovered she was not invited to the wedding King Peleus and Thetis. As revenge, she dropped a golden apple in the middle of all the Gods that attended the wedding. Engraved in it was the word "Kallisti" ("to the fairest one.") Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite began to argue over who the fairest of them was. Zeus was urged by them to decide who deserved the apple, but he gave the decision to the Trojan prince Paris. The goddesses tried to bribe and persuade him in various ways, but he ultimately chose Aphrodite. She, being the goddess of love, promised him the King of Sparta's wife, Helen. When Helen was taken from Sparta to be with Paris, it sparked the ten-year long Trojan War. 
We wanted to use this idea of an item that everyone desires, a golden apple, and the chaos it can create. The apple represents the exclusivity of this restaurant and everyone's desire to be invited. The subsequent war is represented by the contrasting interior and graffiti. 
Renders by interior design partner Jonah Wall
The Making of Eris:
For this project, I researched a lot about different graffiti styles. I learned that there are not only different graffiti styles based on the medium or placement, but also based on the region. I filled many pages of my sketchbook to practice the different styles, and I honestly found this part of the project the most fun.  

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